Travel Bug: Hong Kong Day 15 Highlight — Afternoon Tea at The Peninsula

Apparently, my great-grandfather in his latter years would be driven to The Peninsula every afternoon to enjoy a relaxing bout of afternoon tea. The Peninsula was one of the few prestigious places that would allow a Chinaman to step foot inside.

Today, The Peninsula remains one of the top hotels catering to guests that come to Hong Kong including dignitaries from all over the world. Of course I had to stop by for high tea.

While the food was fairly traditional and typical of high tea, the atmosphere surpasses all other places I have had the pleasure of enjoying high tea. The colonial setting of the sitting area is opulent and open creating for a pleasant atmosphere. Adding in a live quintet (which played a collection of Disney pieces (that I could name all of) for one of the hours we were there), our afternoon was perfect. Even with the hustle and bustle of people around us there was no rush to quickly fly through tea time.

Overall the food was adequate, but the dessert, I have to say, was quite exquisite. There were a lot of dessert pieces from macarons to tiny cakes and tarts. As an additional treat, we were served with a serving of chocolate mousse and a piece of truffle. YUM! I highly encourage an experience at The Peninsula, the atmosphere is unparalleled.






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