Travel Bug: Hong Kong Wrap Up

There is so much to do when you travel, sometimes I never want it to end! But alas, my adventure across the Pacific is now over. Here’s a recap and a list of things to do should you ever visit Hong Kong.

  1. Go to The Peak. It is an amazing place to see all of Hong Kong from up high. There is a 360 degree view of the land and islands that make up Hong Kong. There are a lot of shops and dining at this high point. There are several ways to get up to The Peak, by bus, car, tram or by hiking up the mountain.
  2. Food is good in Hong Kong, you can have everything from street food, all forms and types of noodles, amazing snacks and desserts, really anything, but one of my absolute favourites was sushi. Two amazing places for sushi is Kaika at The One in Tsim Sha Tsui and IHEI in iSQUARE complex, also in Tsim Sha Tsui. At both places I had a sashimi set and not only were they very filling, but also very fresh and extra delicious.
  3. Disneyland is a must see. It’s the happiest place on Earth! Hong Kong Disney is a small enough theme park to explore the entire park in one day. 
  4. Shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui. There are designers left, right and centre in the area. There are a tonne of shopping to do here, there’s also a lot of foods to try. It’s possible to spend days walking around TST. The Hong Kong Cultureal Centre is also located in TST with multiple of performances to go to every night.

There are loads more to do in Hong Kong, unfortunately my time there was so short I didn’t have time to do it all! Here’s just a quick photo look back at my amazing time in Asia.


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