Closet in a Wall: BiBO – The Smallest Wine Bar in Canada

One of the coolest things about having a friend who loves wine and fine-dining is that I get to explore all these cool places in Edmonton that I didn’t know existed. I have only seen these cozy wine places in movies (or in my imagination).

I spent a couple Saturdays ago at BiBO, right beside Culina in the university area. It claims to be the smallest wine bar in Canada. It fits 10 people where you just come and go as you like. BiBO is dark and dim, but rather than being ominous, it has an intimate atmosphere where everyone is extremely friendly and talkative. Being a noob to the wine scene, I had no idea what to expect and my experience was thoroughly enjoyable.Wine

BiBO exceeded my expectations; it has easily become one of my favourite places in the city. Stepping into BiBO is like stepping into a movie. It’s you, your friend, other people and the bartender, Dianna. She knows her wine and this little place is all hers to run. Dianna is a fantastic wine connoisseur and a fantastic host. She’s lovely and so much fun, everything you want in a wine bar looking to unwind.

BiBO has a wide rotating selection of wines, port, bubblies and many others. I definitely did not know where to start (not being a wine connoisseur) but Dianna was more than happy to help and I was given a couple really good selections. I think from my experience, I have discovered one of my favourite wines, Viognier. I tried a viognier from Canada, Stable Door. It was exquisite and was the perfect balance between crisp and sweet. The framboise port was also an amazing wrap-up to the evening.

Overall, BiBO is a must go-to for anyone looking to unwind and enjoy a quiet yet warm atmosphere.


2 thoughts on “Closet in a Wall: BiBO – The Smallest Wine Bar in Canada

    • Hi Danielle, I apologize I missed your comment from way back when! I would love to visit you the next time I am out in the Okanagan. It was a brilliant Viognier, very impressionable.

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