Director of Corporate Relations

Posing with our keynote Kirstine Stewart, EVP of CBC, English Services

Posing with our keynote Kirstine Stewart, EVP of CBC, English Services

In my final year of university, I decided to stay one more year with RCWIB. This group means so much to me, and with the funding troubles we had the year before, I decided to pursue the position of Director of Corporate Relations (DoCR) and take up the challenge to bring in partners to help us with our initiatives. My previous position with RCWIB was VP of Events. In that role, I mostly created events and had my committee members reach out to speakers. I never had any experience in raising funds for an organization.

This position definitely developed me further as a professional. I have learned so much about building relationships and maintaining professional relationships. Building relationships definitely take time, and there is a lot of give and take involved. It was also difficult in my position being the middle woman between a corporation and my group. There were a lot of times where I felt that people were pressuring me for immediate results when in fact it takes a while before trust can be built and results can be realized. At the end, after a long year working on funding, I was able to raise a total of $15,750 (the most RCWIB has ever raised) and develop a knack for selling vision. Definitely work I am proud of and with it, I hope I inspire future DoCRs to do the same so that partnerships with more corporations are formed. It is sad that I have ended my time with RCWIB. It was truly a group that help build me up as a woman in business and as an individual. I look forward to the next step in life and cannot wait to see where I can further grow myself as a business woman and be a mentor to others.


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